Histories Worthy Of Remembering.

August 06, 2010

Coffee And Manure

The small town in the east of Minas Gerais was hidden in a great valley and was surrounded by many farms of coffee.  

In the rain seasons , the manure store used to have good profit. The coffee-growers have started the planting in the vast and beautiful hills, covered of rows and rows properly plowed, forming impressive geometrical drawings in the scenery.  

In the middle of May, the hills used to be green and ready for the harvest. The farms needed to employ temporary works. 

The store began to be small for so many demands. That was the moment to expand their business!  

The father, the mother and their four children moved nearby, to a little bigger and promising city, then. He went of manager of a small warehouse to the administrator of a small factory of manure. 

Now, he could buy presents, real ones, for his children in Christmas, and place them on top of their small shoes, beside their bed, pretending to be Santa Claus.  

The biggest joy, however, was when he arrived home one day in a "Brasilia", a green-avocado car, pulling the horn and inviting all for a turn in the city. 

In that day they ate ice cream in downtown, and returned home for a fresh coffee, to finish the celebration with golden key!

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