Histories Worthy Of Remembering.

August 17, 2010

First Love

In the middle of the year they received a visit of their uncles and grandmother. And that was reason enough for celebration, family reunion  boosted with "tutu" and crusted ham, cheese and guava, cheap wine and country music.

At that party the older boy found his first and great passion. He sat in the circle of men formed around the uncles who came from Rio de janeiro and were showing their skills in guitars. He watched astonished the hands movements creating sounds and rhythms while the uncles played together the "Bachianinha".

Realizing his interest, the younger and patient uncle decided to teach him some basic positions and rhythms, and discovered that his nephew had a real talent for music. The more the boy learned, the more the uncle felt motivated to teach.

The boy began to ask his father to buy him a guitar. As his son's passion did not diminish with time, the father ventured.

A month later, the boy came home from school and saw on his bed a old and black Gianini guitar, with brand new nylon strings, and even out of tune. 

That guitar would be his partner for hours and hours, and the very first of his future vast collection!

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