Histories Worthy Of Remembering.

June 28, 2011


The seventies were very good for agriculture in that region, accelerating business with fertilizers. The fertilizer plant was growing rapidly, as well the employees’ quality of life.

Near the Bus Station grew a neighborhood with simple but bigger houses, and the family went to live there, after two years. The house they rented had three large bedrooms, a small shack and a cemented yard with flower beds near the walls, where the mother tried to grow spices, lettuce, and tomatoes.

The older son, at the age of fourteen, had to study at night, because he started working on the fertilizer factory with his father. The other boy poorly advanced to the fourth grade, since he had no interest in books. The girls now used to attend the local elementary school early in the morning, but still had the afternoon free for their games and fantasies.

In front of the house there was a porch which was protected by railings with stars drawings. It always became the girl’s spacecraft that "flew them in many planetary explorations".

Once, they received a visit from a photographer. As the mother selected the best sets of clothes and shoes to pack the kids, the younger girl did not hesitate. She wanted to be very nice for photo sessions, so she ran to the bathroom, grabbed a scissors and cut a part of her hair and bangs. Luckily, she thought she only needed to trim the locks on one side. So, all her photos are of a single profile.

The other girl did not like this idea of pictures and left her mouth shut in all poses, ashamed to show the gap-toothed smile fit for little girls of her age.

As the oldest son was discharged from the photo sessions, thanks to his daily responsibilities, the other boy had to be photographed alone, with one sister, with the other one, and with both. He was shinning even wearing unfashionable pants made by his caring and proud mother.

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