Histories Worthy Of Remembering.

May 05, 2011


Some round tables carefully decorated with towels and floral arrangements announced that there would be a meeting with women in that room.

The folder containing the schedule of that mini-conference in Boca Raton was accompanied by a beautiful bag full of gifts that every woman loves to receive: creams, lipstick, nail polish, manicure kit, scented candle, etc, etc…

After a minute of euphoria exploring the goodies, the meeting began.

A beautiful young woman in her thirties began to recite the entire letter of Paul to the Philippians. No kidding ... she not only knew the entire letter by heart, but she gave it life declaiming every sentence, as if the apostle Paul himself was there talking to us ... Wonderful!

Then a few more women shared their testimonies of life and dedication to Jesus.

Like Rith. She lives and works in India, and was there with her second daughter Kim-Kim, barely 2 years old. The little girl explored everything, and the thing she loved most in US was "ice".

That because where she lives there isn’t enough power. So, the little girl did not miss a chance to suck all the ice cubes around.

Rith coordinates two ministries in Manipur:

1) WETE (Women Empowerment and Transformation Enterprise) that works with women involved in prostitution to survive, leading them to the Gospel and empowering them in new professional activities.

2) AMAZING GRACE that works welcoming abandoned babies.

This, of course, besides serving as a pastor's wife. Her husband, Pr. Khen takes care of many churches in India.

If nothing else, in her culture all relatives use to live in the same house, hence, her private life does not exist.

Yet, there she was grateful and fulfilled to be serving the Lord.

In her photo you may notice that she is not a Wonder Woman. Sure, she often felt overwhelmed (a few tears rolled down her pretty face during her testimony to us). But, I have found out what makes her able to bear this burden with joy.

Let me share it with you, now that you had the patience to read this far...

Follow my reasoning: in the history of humanity, we see men constantly trying to conquer the world with power. Since BABEL, going through Genghis Khan, Alexandre_o Great, Julius Caesar, Napoleon Bonaparte, Adolf Hitler, and so, and so, all desired to conquer the Earth, created their empires through force and power, but were unable to keep them ... Empire after empire ended in ruin and decay.

Now, look at the proposal of Jesus, the Lord:

"Blessed are those who are meek, for they shall inherit the earth" (Matthew 5:5)

Contrary to popular belief, meekness is not weakness, but rather "strength made gentle." To contemplate a meek person is like seeing a tall, elegant domesticated horse that has been taught to master its power by applying it to the common good.

Rith seems fragile at first. But therein her heart lies a strength that many of us dream to own. A force under meekness and obedience to the Sovereign One, who faithfully will grant her The Earth for an inheritance!


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