Histories Worthy Of Remembering.

July 02, 2010


In the following days, nothing different happened, unless inside his heart. He started to feel more relieved, confident and eager to start again.  

His wife sewing orders helped to put food on the table, and he kept doing some freelance jobs here and there. But, not long after, a new business opportunity opened for him.  

One of his cousins, who had well progressed in life , had woken up some days behind with an urgent anxiety of helping his close relative. And he had no peace while he did not offer him society in a new shop in town.  

" I have no money, cousin. I cannot accept your offer. "  

" I enter with money, you with work, period! " The cousin insisted.  

That was it. The father started working and the new shop progressed little by little. The first costumers came to buy all sort of veterinary products and received such an excellent treatment that, in short notice, all farmers around also became regular clients.  

He enjoyed working there, and had a deep gratitude to his cousin for his timely aid in a time of so much difficult in life.  

He had raised himself, and knew well that that was, above all, God's answer.

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