Histories Worthy Of Remembering.

July 01, 2010


At one of those dawns, she went to the kitchen and found he was bent on the table. In his hands, some counts to pay already due.  

She sat there at his side, in silence, almost half an hour. Only then he hugged her and allowed himself to cry, for the first time.  
Then, she started to report him a history of her childhood:  

" My dear, I remember of a time when I and my brothers were still little children, in which my parents faced a great drought and lost their whole crop. Of everything that they had sowed, only a pumpkin plantation was profitable.  

Surprisely, it never stopped producing pumpkins, great pumpkins the whole year! We might had nothing, but we always had what to eat. 

Only when we recovered our production in the next harvest, that pumpkin tree stopped producing so much.  

We do not need to be afraid, honey, I am completely sure that God will come to our help. Did you already ask him for that? "  

In fact, he was feeling so failure he would not dare to ask God's help. In his Bible reading, he had discovered an advice in Proverbs of never becoming a guarantor of anybody. He was quite sure that what they were living now was a result of his own negligence.  

On that kitchen's table, at dawn, the two of them joined in prayer for God's help, compassion and grace. They prayed also the Lord would enable them to work and take better care of their family. And they were listened.

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