Histories Worthy Of Remembering.

July 08, 2010


With tight budget, they had to manage to pay all their bills, so they had no luxury. On the contrary, they were deprived of many small pleasures.  

Their clothes were home made, their special meals were sporadic and only taken at the relatives' homes. Fortunately, the demands with the children were little: public school, parties at the Church, and that was it.  

Not even in Christmas they needed much to feel happy. The children built their own toys of old and recycled materials, wrapped them up in brown paper and gave them to each other. It was a party!  

Their simple life kept going until the father's work routine changed for one month. One of his uncles, who took care of a certain farmer's business, needed to take his vacation and leave in a fishery for the whole month. So, the father was invited to substitute him. 

From day one, the father devoted himself in that farm's administration and did a brilliant work there. When his uncle returned from his vacation, things were going pretty well.  

The father returned to his old activity at the shop. Next week, he received a visit of that farm owner, who proposed him:  

"I am opening a fertilizers warehouse in the city, and I want you working for me"

"I would like that very much", the father answered. "But, I made a deal with my cousin to work for him at this shop and I have a moral obligation towards him. Unfortunately, I cannot accept your offer"  

The farmer thought a little. He would never take no as an answer.  

"Le's suppose your cousin decide to sell this shop. If that's the case, would you accept my offer?"  

"I believe so"  

A week later, the farmer returned to ask him again. Only, this time, he was now the shop's new owner. He had just bought it only to have that efficient, loyal and young man as his employee.

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