Histories Worthy Of Remembering.

July 08, 2010


The boys were going well in school, though she had to help the younger frequently with his homework. He was always paying attention to his brother to copy what he was doing. The two of them were really good friends, in spite of the five years apart each other.  

The girls, one blond another brunette, were still very young for many games outside. They stayed, most of the time, in the sewing room, playing with empty reels, or swinging on the rhythmical feet of their mother, while she was moving the pedals that made the sewing machine work.  

School holidays had just started and they planned to visit grandma and the uncles in Rio de Janeiro. It was the first time they would make a trip like that, so, they were pretty excited.  

It took seven hours by bus, a long travel trying to distract four children, but it was worthwhile. 

Since the arrival at the bus station, they were dazzling with everything they were seeing in the big city. It was a show! 

They visited the "Corcovado", the Sugarloaf Mountain, the Botanical Garden, the Church of the Rock and the most famous beaches, in only one week. 

The marvellous city bewitched them and became a compulsory visit for them, every year, in every holiday.

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