Histories Worthy Of Remembering.

May 27, 2010


The third son was born fat, brunet and, in the first days, hoarse of so much crying. He was a handsome boy, and the oldest brother enjoyed when he smiled at him.

The time went by fast, on account of life's rush. Now they had more than two young cows, a loyal group of customers and an old jeep to make it easier the milk delivery business.

The boys already played together in the backyard and very often imagined themselves as explorers. 

In one of their adventures, they entered a small forest nearby the ranch in search of a waterfall. In the way, they crossed a narrow and rustic bridge over a crystal clear brook. The younger couldn't resist to the curiosity and bent over to take a better look at a trout that was swimming around there. Suddenly, His feet skidded in the moss on the old trunk that was improvising the narrow bridge, and he finished hung by the pants at one of the branches, crying for help. The oldest brother was terrified when he saw him and ran in stampede in search of help. Luckily, he bumped at his Grandpa that was returning from a fishery.

" Hurry, Grandpa! My brother is hung on the bridge! He is going to fall! " Cried the boy.

When they arrived, the grandfather grabbed the younger's arm and, in a single and quick movement, raised him up. 

The old man hugged his grandson so strongly that he almost suffocated him. Then, he gave the two boys a long sermon, teaching them to avoid going around there just by themselves. And that's why they never found out if there was really a waterfall in that forest.

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