Histories Worthy Of Remembering.

May 28, 2010


Every day, before dawn, the jeep was loaded of braids full of milk, ready for the deliveries of routine. The oldest son always did them together with his father, but in that morning something strange happened. The boy woke up frightened, with a ray of sun threatening in the gap of the bedroom's window. At once, he got up and ran in search of the father.

" Mom... Where is dad? "

" Morning dear, he is going out just now. Can you listen to the gear noise? "

" Did he forget me? "

" No dear. Today he is going to take your brother with him. From now on you two will share the visits to the city with your father. "

The boy got furious. Without a word, he went out, still in his pajamas, chasing the Jeep for the road out. The dust was preventing the father from seeing the boy running after them. And the boy ran, ran and ran up to getting out of breath. Then, he sat in the bank of the road, his face dirty of dust and tears.

He decided to keep on walking up to the city, with serious intentions of ever returning home, again.

The mother was driven to despair when she realized that her son was not appearing. She only realized how much they had hurt him when she first saw his eyes of fury, just before he disappeared. And now, what she might do?

She ran to the backyard and borrow her father-in-law's chart. It took almost half an hour for her to bridle the horse and to leave in search of the runaway.

She found her husband and youngest son in the city, already in the last delivery of the day. They prepared a strategy to find their lost son. But, they did not obtain success. 

They had already gone through the small city several times, and had no signal of the boy. The afternoon was falling and they needed to return to the ranch.

In the way back, she was crying out to God to take care of their boy. Her eyes were already swollen, of so much crying.

At the ranch, they hurried up for their small house, but it was empty. They stood there distressed, when the grandfather arrived hand in hand with the crest-fallen boy, since he had already listened to a hard sermon!

Oh ... they celebrated! So many embraces, kisses, laughters, exclamations! The boy found it weird, because he was waiting for a severe discipline. 

Instead, his parents talked to him, and reaffirmed the immense value he had. The boy opened a wide smile and hugged them. Then, he gladly called his brother to play with him.

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