Histories Worthy Of Remembering.

May 25, 2010


Those were difficult times. Although he was plowing the land, he managed to have only the sufficient for their survival. Her belly had advantaged more quickly than the first time. This was causing her an uncommon discomfort as she climbed the hill with the lunch-box of her husband.

She had more chores to do now, and there was not allowed rest until everything was carried out. Luckily her son enjoyed playing all day long in the back yard, climbing trees, chasing the hens, and collecting beetles.

The Grandfather loved that thin boy and knew that something had to be done for him, principally.

In the end of the afternoon, the husband arrives at home with that strong smell of sweat and does not find his son and wife in the kitchen. However, the table was set.

He heard a certain distress on the outside. The sound was coming from his old Father's back yard. There were screams and laughters.

Suddenly, his son enters at home and catches his hand. He was panting.

" Come here, Father. Come to see a thing! Run! "

He could not believe his eyes... A cow tied to the branch of a tree. (The old father was not very good at showing his feelings and was not even there, at that moment). The cow was chewing, shaking the bugs with the tail, and had a strange walk.

Now, they might have milk, butter, cheese... His eyes were getting wet, when he noticed his son running again in his direction.

" Granpa gave her to us, father! And I already named our cow 'Crippled'! "

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