Histories Worthy Of Remembering.

May 29, 2010


" What about this lad, is he going to study, or not? " The Grandfather asked.

The nearest elementary school was approximately three kilometers away. It was the same school that the father had studied up to the 4th grade, only.

In the first day, the boy and the mother went to school together and she taught him well the way, so he could go to school by himself. As they arrived there, they waited in the teacher's room until she had finished explained the Portuguese lesson to the class.

" Can he read something, mom? "

" Still not, but he's a fast mind "

And that was really the case. The boy was agile of mind, interested and easy to relate to. Pretty soon, he was leading the colleagues to the games at lunch break, and going very well in Mathematics. He became the favorite student of the teacher, Mrs. Woetoo.

The grandfather was always teasing him:

" "Woe to" you if you don't do your homework… "

That was the only thing he didn't liked about school, homework. The world seemed to call him outside, and he couldn't wait to finish those unending minutes spent on the handwriting exercise books. But, the grandfather was always right... "Woe To"…

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