Histories Worthy Of Remembering.

May 25, 2010


She had not very high demands when they got married. In fact, none.

Only after their first son was born, they could have a cottage of one bedroom in a piece of land of her Father-in-Law's small farm.

Since the beginning, she understood that her duty was turning their small house into home. Even when they had only a broth of corn as a meal at the end of the afternoon, she was not careless in the flavoring, in the environment, transforming the enamel plate with soup in a banquet of the gods.

Their thin boy was running around the small table, playing with a trolley that the Grandfather had done with slough of corn. She was happier than usual in that night, and he realized it.

" We are going to have another baby " She told him, after a kiss.

At that time they believed that a child is always a reward from God. So, that night ended in party.

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