Histories Worthy Of Remembering.

June 29, 2010


He used to visit the ranch all Saturday afternoons. 

He followed closely the development of his cattle. In just over six months he could begin the slaughter of a first batch of cows.  

In the shop, while he worked in customer service and learned quickly to advise them about the most appropriate use of products for their pets, his cousin was responsible for business with suppliers.  

Once, the cousin called him aside and spoke quietly.  

"We need to expand the store. I talked to the bank manager, and he can lend me money, but I must give him a good guarantee."  

Maybe because of his inexperience, naivete, trust or gratitude, who knows, he undertook his cattle on loan to the prime.  

What he saw in the next months was not the investment in the store, but meetings and more meetings to negotiate debts with suppliers, without success. 

The store went bankrupt shortly thereafter, and the bank got hold of his cattle in the adjustment of the amount loaned to his cousin.  

Nothing and no one could comfort him for many long sleepless nights... 

His faith was the only column that supported him, and his responsibility to caring for his family the only reason he woul not to give up living.

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