Histories Worthy Of Remembering.

June 01, 2010


One day, the oldest son arrived at home earlier. The teacher had not been going to give classroom, and the school, so tiny and precarious it was, had not a substitute teacher. And that happened again and again.

The mother went there to know what was going on, and she offered herself to help. She had studied and completed Junior High, and for those children it was more than enough.

The oldest son was very confused, he couldn't figure out if he should call her mom or teacher. But, he was actually a little bit proud to find out that his mother was so clever.

When teacher Woetoo returned, after almost a month of license, she found her students doing very well in all matters. So, she talked to the principal and handed over her class to the new teacher.

The mother's routine changed completely. She had to get up earlier to arrive on time at the school, and before that, she had to help milking the cows, prepare coffee, bridle the horse in the cart and wrap the youngest son up to leave him at the grandfather's home. Then, she would teach up to the eleven o'clock and return to the ranch with the oldest son, helping him at the way back home with some math lessons.

Afterwards, she would begin her second journey: to heat the food up, to put the kitchen in order, to wash and to iron the clothes, to prepare the classroom for the next day, to watch over the boys in the back yard, to do the dinner, to prepare the boy's bath, to set them in bed and to pray with them.

The spare time, she would share it between her husband's needs and her devotion to God. From this last one she got her strength and would never give up. 

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