Histories Worthy Of Remembering.

June 24, 2010


He really enjoyed seeing the white cattle grazing on the hill! 

In his heart hope of better days kept growing. 

His wife was now in her fifth pregnancy, and going very well, despite her belly a little bit bigger than usual.

She kept her teachings at the school, but her oldest boy stopped going there with her. He had completed fourth grade, the highest level possible to achieve in that school.

Despite feeling happy now with the life at the ranch, the father did not hesitate.

"We need to move to the city, I want our son to have the education that I could not have." He said.

It was a big change for them all. The house they rented was on a steep street, almost hamlet on a hill, and it had a huge staircase in front. 

The father had to hire a foreman to look after the cattle and began working at a shop of veterinarian products, at the invitation of a cousin. 

The mother continued to teach until the eve of their second girl's birth. 

The small grandmother moved to live with the family and take care of their two children at home, while the older boy went to the fifth grade.

People use to say that children adapt easily to any circumstance, but the two boys really missed the great backyard and adventures at the ranch. 

The way they found to relieve it, was making friends with the boys of the neighborhood, as quickly as possible.  

Soon enough, they learned with them how to hit a ball and ride a roller cart down the street (which was really a challenge and joy!)

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