Histories Worthy Of Remembering.

June 26, 2010


Now, they had two boys and two girls. 

At first, Grandma took care of the minors, so the mother could give her lessons at the School. 

Grandma was a wrinkled, squat and lean, soft-spoken lady. She loved meeting the obsessions of her grandchildren, filling them with gimmicks. 

She used to take their breakfast in bed: a giant cup containing bread dipped in sweet latte that needed to be "taken" with a spoon.

But Grandma had to move to Rio de Janeiro, at the request of their unmarried sons who worked there. She would take care of their house, clothes and meals with zeal and dedication.

The mother, then, ended her "career" as a teacher and started to devote full time to home and family. 

In addition to caring for four children, she found time and strength to cultivate a small vegetable garden behind the house. 

But she wanted more. She needed to help support their house, some how.

So, she decided to learn dressmaking. Soon, she was receiving orders for dresses, pants, skirts, shirts and making a good buck this way. She spent many hours working, often advancing dawn to deliver the clothes on time.

Her children wore their homemade confections, and the girls ended up always using the same dresses as if they were twins.

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