Histories Worthy Of Remembering.

June 03, 2010


Winter had arrived, and to wake the boys up was getting more and more difficult. But, she didn't pay too much attention to their tantrums and hurried them, so they were set always on time. 

The oldest had to go with her to the school, and the younger with the father to the milk deliveries.

"Bro" (abbreviation of little brother, nickname given by the oldest) loved to hold the liters of milk that the father carefully filled up, and to place them at the doors steps.

They were still half away from the whole day's delivery. The father asked his son to take a liter to a house across the street. Obediently, the boy got out the jeep and started going to the house. 

In fraction of seconds, another jeep appears from nowhere.  It was a police officer automobile, and it ran over the lad. The father only heard the loud and short noise of the car impact! 

But, before he could despair, he saw " Bro" standing up of the ground... He was holding the liter of milk with all his strength, smiling at the victory of not having let it be broken.

The policeman asked them thousand excuses, raising his hands to the sky praising the Lord that the boy hadn't had a single scratch.

The father taught his son about looking at the two sides before crossing a street, but first he hugged him for a long time.

Only after the policeman had gone away, the father whispered to " Bro ":

" We are going to tell mom about this, only tomorrow, ok? "

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