Histories Worthy Of Remembering.

June 04, 2010


The recess lasted 20 minutes and was eagerly awaited. While the children went to the courtyard to play a little, she checked each one's notebooks and wrote praises in all homeworks. In those very well done, she used to draw a star with a red pen besides the word "excellent."

The children started screaming and suddenly gathered in the courtyard. A fight was going on. She ran to separate the troublemakers and to her amazement (and why not say, disappointment) her oldest son was involved in the feud.

After calming the students and putting them back in their wallets, she drew aside the bickering boys, with a fierce look to her own boy, as they left the room.

"I punched him, yes" he replied, resolutely.

"Why, son?" You've never been friend of fights! "

The son's face turned red, and he took several seconds before replying her, head down;

"He called you "enciente". I told him to stop talking like that, but he kept repeating it over and over... So I punched him."

She had become pregnant again in that early winter, and her belly grew disguised under heavy clothing. At that time, it was not common for parents to talk to their kids about some intimate issues, and their kids had no idea they would have another baby in the family in about four months.

"You thought your friend was saying something ugly about your mother? Come on, put your hand on my belly. You know what it means "enciente" in French? It Means "pregnant". See, I have a baby in my belly. "

At that very moment he felt her stomach squirming, and laugh out loud. Then, she spoke to him softly:

"What do you think? Is it a boy or girl, this time?"

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