Histories Worthy Of Remembering.

June 06, 2010


They owned twelve friesian cows, a species not well known in that region. Those cows were spoken (and well spoken) in the town since they produced three times more milk than a common herd. 

Because of this, the father received an unexpected visit at his ranch. The richest farmer in that region, sitting in their humble kitchen with a mug of freshly brewed coffee in hand. He was determined to negotiate.

"I want those cows you own. Make your price."

The father preferred to think before closing any deal. He knew his production was causing astonishment and admiration, but only realized how much after that visit. To him remained no doubt, however, that all of this was God's hand. What to do now?

After some calculations, he set a price well above the reasonable, even for a wealthy farmer. He was  determined to negotiate not a penny less than the value set in his mind. Only then, he would have the security in his heart that he was doing the right thing, if the deal should be closed.

"Done. This afternoon I will come with my employees to get them."

He had never put hands in so much money in his life! 

The next day, he went early to the city without really knowing what to do after this. He thanked God for the blessing received and sat on a park's bench to pray and think. Some hours later, he made a decision.

His wife spent the day anxiously. Their lives depended on milk sales and now they threw themselves into the unknown. It was late afternoon and no sign of her husband. She decided to wait for him near the gate of the ranch, then.

The sun was almost gone on the horizon when she finally saw the dust rising from the road. To her surprise, he came slowly, bringing a cow tied to their jeep.

"What's that, honey?" What did you do? "

"I paid all our debts, honey"

"And you brought this cow?"

"Yes, I bought her with the money that was left."

She could not hide a certain disappointment in her eyes:

"He sold our twelve cows to buy one?" She thought, worried.

"This is a Zebu cow, dear, for beef cattle. The first of a herd of thirty-two that we now have!

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