Histories Worthy Of Remembering.

June 05, 2010

Life and Death

She was a girl, healthy, chubby and pale. Soon, her dark hair gave way to the blond and her eyes were becoming increasingly blue, as she grew.

"I think she inherited the German blood in the family" The mother explained all the time.

For her, caring a girl was different and rewarding. Laces, ribbons, dresses, what a joy to garnish a baby!

Besides the little girl, the cottage now also housed the mom's parents. 

The maternal grandfather needed special care after the stroke he had suffered. He did not move well and had some cognitive impairment. 

Still, when the blonde baby would fall asleep in the crib, he used to stand beside and watch her for hours, as observing an angel.

He had not a long life, leaving a widow grandmother (she was only five feet) and two sons still single, who soon departed for Rio de Janeiro in search of better luck.

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